Understanding Data Mirroring in Cloud Hosting

Data is the most critical element of any website. Therefore, you find a lot of sites take multiple precautions and measures to protect the data from getting corrupted or damaged or lost. The internet is filled with hackers, viruses and malware threatening to cause havoc at the first opportunity they get. As the web hosting industry continues its battle against such threats, it has come a long way from just having a single line of defense and reinforcing it with all its might. While the traditional single-server had a single point of failure, Cloud Hosting Services ensured that with the data being copied across multiple servers, there was no single point of failure. Today, we will be talking about Data Mirroring and how it helps Cloud Hosting in enhancing the security of your site.

What is Data Mirroring?

In the simplest terms, data mirroring is about copying or mirroring data from one place to another. In Cloud Hosting, since a highly-secure cloud storage powers the hosting service, there are several servers having similar configurations and data working in the background. Therefore, if one server faces a problem, another steps-in instantaneously. This allows Cloud Hosting to offer uninterrupted services.

However, to make this happen, data is copied across all the servers in the network – in other words, it is mirrored across the cloud storage network. Apart from ensuring uninterrupted services, data mirroring also helps you stay protected in the event of a security lapse on the server by allowing you to retrieve the latest working copy of your data with ease. Although website backups provide a security net for any such lapses, data mirroring widens it further.

Here are some benefits offered by data mirroring, making it one of the strongest aspects of Cloud Hosting services:

1.     Uninterrupted Services

As discussed above, data mirroring ensures that if one server handling your site’s request faces a problem, another steps-in within no time. Therefore, the site visitor has a seamless experience. Hence, it allows Cloud Hosting to offer maximum uptimes.

2.     Resource Scalability

Since the data is replicated across the network, site owners can request the provider to increase or decrease the storage resources as required. Since the hosting service is not restricted to a physical storage arrangement, it offers flexibility to sites.

3.     Faster Response Time

Over the years, globalization has made the world smaller, and websites have started attracting people from different corners of the globe. With Cloud Hosting, since the cloud storage network is spread across multiple locations, the site’s data is mirrored and present at those locations too. Hence, when a user visits the site, it helps the host in providing faster service and increased site speed.


As you can see, data mirroring is a great tool. Coupled with the framework of a Cloud Hosting service, it can offer a plethora of benefits to websites. All you need to do is assess your site’s needs and choose a hosting provider who leverages data mirroring to offer great Cloud Hosting services and migrate your site. Good Luck!

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