Recycling of Water Bottles Saves Environment from Pollution and Conserves Energy

When scrap is recycled, a high-quality product is made. These recycled products have impact less on the environment. Unfortunately, more work has to be done on recycling. There are billions of people who are producing millions of garbage every day. With every day, population is increasing and so is the garbage amount. On an average, only 30 percent of the waste is recycled, rest is dumped in landfills or scattered around.

Plastic is the lightest material that is used to make bottle and bags. When they aren’t taken for recycling they are dumped in places. When wind blows or during storm this bad quality plastic flies in the air ending on roads, water and trees. Normally, plastic bags are eaten by animals thinking it to be food which gets stuck in the digestive tract thereby killing them.

Plastic water bottles are an increasing part of the municipal solid trash stream in the United States.  Additionally, 2.5 million plastic bottles get thrown away each hour. While plastic water bottles may be convenient, they can also lead to unnecessary waste in landfills. Reusing plastic water bottles can help the environment in numerous ways.

Plastic bottles are made of Polyethylene Terephthalate and petroleum. This means whenever bulk of plastic bottles is made it consumes harmful toxins and petroleum which can be used to cook food for the entire month. The harmful toxins that is released during manufacturing of this product is polluting the air as well. That is why plastic bottles are nowadays recycled. Not many people know that when a plastic bottle is recycled it isn’t necessary that another bottle is created.

They are converted to synthetic fiber which is utilized to make other products like cloth bags, key chains, coats, jackets etc. Custom Earth Promos has been into the business of recycling plastic bottle to make different items such as Full Color Bags Customized With Your Brand. It’s a company since 2009, they have been using this process and now more and more companies are getting into this business. When you buy anything like jotters, umbrellas, pens, or bags from Custom Earth Promos you’re lending a hand to the welfare of the society. They not only provide you products at reasonable price but, also customize it for you.

Here are some advantages of plastic bottles –

  • When you recycle more and more bottle you decrease the amount in landfill. Also, it saves ocean and lakes where bulks of bottles are lying which is impacting life of aquatic animals.
  • When bottles are manufactured they emit a harmful gas in the air but when bottles are reused they release fewer chemicals and also need less fuel and energy.
  • Recycling doesn’t only mean taking it to factory for melting and converting to another fiber but, recycling also means using plastic bottles for any other purpose like storing things, gardening, using in colleges and schools.
  • You can also earn money if you sell them to recycling company in bulk. So start storing bottles to get more pocket money.
  • Recycling bottles helps in restraining companies from overusing other raw materials for making new products.
  • When more and more companies start recycling items, then more manpower is required. This increases employment rate in a city.

To conclude, it isn’t necessary that every time you consume a cold drink you have to carry that bottle to recycling company, but show your creativity and use it in any form at your place. This is also another way of contributing to save the environment.

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