Don’t Let Rejection Stop You from Using the Best Marketing Platform – Google Ads

Most businesses today heavily rely on Google ads and social media advertising to meet their marketing needs and reach a larger customer base. We work so hard to create an advertisement following all the rules, doing keyword research, and ensuring that all the technicals are correct.

However, when one or more of the ads we created gets disapproved by Google, it is very frustrating. Every day Google takes down thousands of ads due to policy violation. So, you are not alone in the pool.

Google policies are based on 3 main fundamentals:

  • To work as per the law.
  • To generate a positive, safe, and valuable user experience, and
  • To ensure that any of the ad content is not harming the ecosystem.

If you have faced the problem of your ad getting rejected over and over again, you must take professional help from an experienced advertiser or a Google ads agency that can help you in rectifying your existing ad or make a new one for you that does not violate any of the Google policies. You can contact Australian Internet Advertising in Sydney. Their experts will get the work done for you and will make ads with higher conversion rates.

What are some ways by which we can fix the ads that were disapproved?

To fix an ad that got rejected by Google, you have to first go through the ad and find the issue that led to rejection. Once an issue is identified, you rectify the mistake and send it back for approval. Let us see some 3 most common categories of errors that result in ad rejection and ways to fix them:

  1. Issues related to your website: Your ad is repeatedly getting rejected because the site destination was not working, or there is a destination mismatch, or problem is with the need for additional information on the landing page, you lack a privacy policy, or Google has detected malicious software. You rectify these problems by:
  • Pause your ad campaigns and check if your website is down.
  • If that is the reason, get your site up and restart your campaign.
  • If you have recently redesigned your website, the URL change could have caused ad rejection. Update the ad with the new URL in that case and send it again for review.
  • If you have added 2 websites in 1 ad group, you need to rectify that immediately and ensure that your ad correctly points out to the desired domain page.
  • Go through the Google policies for industry-related landing page requirements, and update your landing page accordingly.
  • If you are adding cookies as a part of remarketing campaign, you must have a privacy policy to inform your customers. Add one and send your ad back to review.
  • Rectifying malicious software is a tech-related problem and you need a specialist to review all the codes and resolve the problem at the earliest.
  1. Content related issues:
  • If you are promoting quick rich schemes or quick weight loss drugs, or you claim that you are the best or number 1 in your industry, the chances of getting rejected are high.
  • This is true unless you have 3rd party claims and data on your site citing proof of your claims.
  • Creating ads benefiting from natural disasters, tragedies, pandemics like Covid-19, or wars is prohibited.
  • You need to rectify your content if there are words designed for getting more clicks, substitute them with call-to-action words like contact us and your ad might get approved.
  1. Punctuation errors or use of certain words: Some errors are just as simple as using double exclamation marks in the content. Correct that and your ad gets approved. Let us see some common errors in this category and the solutions:
  • Immediately delete an additional exclamation mark from your content or even a single one from the headline.
  • Check if you have added any symbols like @ or mistakenly added a second period. Rectify these and send your ad back for review.
  • Remove all the trademark names from your ad unless you are an affiliate of that particular brand and have all the necessary paperwork.
  • Remove excessive capitalization from your ad. However, one can use capitalization for each word in the headline to increase the quality score.
  • Using certain prohibited words such as the names of unapproved drugs or addictive substances can lead to ad rejection.

We learn from our mistakes and getting an ad approved by Google is also a learning experience. Every mistake will teach you something that will help you in improvising your future ads. So, don’t get disheartened and try again or take expert help. If you still feel that there was nothing wrong with your ads, you can submit an appeal to get it resolved.

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