The Best Image Resizing Tools Every Marketer Should Know

Photos speak a thousand words; therefore, instilling this material onto your artwork can bring a whole new vibe. With the help of the images you captured or gathered through the internet, you can send a meaningful message to your audience, and part of you will be in every work you created. A discrepancy may occur if your image is too high quality, such as the 4k resolution photos. Why? Because this can be too heavy for your document files to handle. Most of the time, applications where you can edit your designs would ask you to resize the image because it contains too many files that even the site would not read.

Therefore, with the graphic design software’s help, I will mention below, you will create your design without compromising your photos’ resolution. Remember that an image’s quality will capture not only your targeted audience instead, even the professionals who opt to excel in various fields of the industry. These professionals will be encouraged to view your offered services because they can see your potential as a company. Remember, new opportunities are always a good sign.

There is a long list of free online graphic design tool but the following will let you resize and modify your images more easily.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe is one of the prominent companies in the digital world. With its wide range of services, indeed, this is the partner of most digital creatives globally. They promote digital literacy because every business is a digital business wherein companies should invest in their social media advertisements to promote the products and services they offer. Adobe does not only provide a single application; instead, it also provides other powerful tools like Photoshop Lightroom, Photoshop Camera, and Photoshop Express.

Photographers and digital artists use Adobe Photoshop Express to resize, crop, and adjust color settings of raw photos quickly. This online tool is lightweight and can run on any browser unlike its parent, the well-known Adobe Photoshop application software. You can also enhance the lighting of photos through this tool before posting them on your website or social media feed.

It is best to ensure that your work is made by fine-quality service to let the world see that you invest your time and hard work in things that matter to you in a way that you can also earn money from it. With the advancement technology gave to our generation, people became more capable of expressing their thoughts and emotions in the most creative way possible. Thus, they would not worry that they lack resources because as long as you have a smartphone, laptop, or any gadgets with you, you can do so many things beyond borders.


BeFunky is founded by Tekin Tatar and entails 12 more people that handle different departments of the company. It is a website where you can use various features such as collage making for projects and not just an image resizing tool. The company assured that convenience is the first thing that would pop to a person’s mind once they opened the website. After entering the site, the features are already in front of you and are ready to use anytime. They provide so many features that it helps you become motivated to accomplish tasks that you do not even want to start in the first place.

With the crop and resizing tool as their most popular feature, artists and designers can also edit their photos all at once through their batch-edit-photo editor. With the background remover tool, you can also play with various designs and ideas in which your image would portray the story you wanted to tell your audience. One of the best tools BeFunky created is the retouch portraits option because, despite the photo being taken years before, they can reconstruct the image into a higher quality resolution, and their service can refix the hue of the picture. Lastly, for creators who love to use various photos on their works but ponders about whether they can compress it to a single shot, they can use the one-click collage maker to edit the images they have uploaded automatically. It is best to use this feature if your photos have a standard color scheme because it may look united and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.


Tools like Adobe Photoshop and Befunky can help you develop your skills in the most cost-friendly and efficient way because you can practice your skills amidst being at home and not paying any cent to an expensive school. Also, this advancement helps individuals hone their profession to help them exceed the expectations of others. Therefore, by utilizing these tools  and applications in which you can download on your phone, you can also be ready for the future that may opt to happen.

Understanding Data Mirroring in Cloud Hosting

Data is the most critical element of any website. Therefore, you find a lot of sites take multiple precautions and measures to protect the data from getting corrupted or damaged or lost. The internet is filled with hackers, viruses and malware threatening to cause havoc at the first opportunity they get. As the web hosting industry continues its battle against such threats, it has come a long way from just having a single line of defense and reinforcing it with all its might. While the traditional single-server had a single point of failure, Cloud Hosting Services ensured that with the data being copied across multiple servers, there was no single point of failure. Today, we will be talking about Data Mirroring and how it helps Cloud Hosting in enhancing the security of your site.

What is Data Mirroring?

In the simplest terms, data mirroring is about copying or mirroring data from one place to another. In Cloud Hosting, since a highly-secure cloud storage powers the hosting service, there are several servers having similar configurations and data working in the background. Therefore, if one server faces a problem, another steps-in instantaneously. This allows Cloud Hosting to offer uninterrupted services.

However, to make this happen, data is copied across all the servers in the network – in other words, it is mirrored across the cloud storage network. Apart from ensuring uninterrupted services, data mirroring also helps you stay protected in the event of a security lapse on the server by allowing you to retrieve the latest working copy of your data with ease. Although website backups provide a security net for any such lapses, data mirroring widens it further.

Here are some benefits offered by data mirroring, making it one of the strongest aspects of Cloud Hosting services:

1.     Uninterrupted Services

As discussed above, data mirroring ensures that if one server handling your site’s request faces a problem, another steps-in within no time. Therefore, the site visitor has a seamless experience. Hence, it allows Cloud Hosting to offer maximum uptimes.

2.     Resource Scalability

Since the data is replicated across the network, site owners can request the provider to increase or decrease the storage resources as required. Since the hosting service is not restricted to a physical storage arrangement, it offers flexibility to sites.

3.     Faster Response Time

Over the years, globalization has made the world smaller, and websites have started attracting people from different corners of the globe. With Cloud Hosting, since the cloud storage network is spread across multiple locations, the site’s data is mirrored and present at those locations too. Hence, when a user visits the site, it helps the host in providing faster service and increased site speed.


As you can see, data mirroring is a great tool. Coupled with the framework of a Cloud Hosting service, it can offer a plethora of benefits to websites. All you need to do is assess your site’s needs and choose a hosting provider who leverages data mirroring to offer great Cloud Hosting services and migrate your site. Good Luck!

5 Reasons You Need To Use a Mileage Tracking and Management App

A few decades ago, tracking mileage in business was all about the use of scrap papers, notebooks, or funny enough, napkins from fast food joints. In one way or another, you must have done this once in your lifetime. You would then calculate the math and determine the difference between your start and end points. However, the rise in technology has been our redemption, with the invention of apps that can perform the whole tracking process, perform reports and much more. The following are some concrete reasons why you need to use mileage tracking, fleet and expense application in your business.

Mobile Device Enabled

Instead of bulky laptops for every employee, you can have a mobile application installed on their smartphones or even tablets to help track mileage. Most apps connect and sync with a Bluetooth device to automatically record mileage once the vehicle takes off. Additionally, users can be able to determine their location using a GPS function built in the app. The sync feature allows sharing information with web services straight from your phone.

Linked to Accounting Software

You will have an easy time dealing with the accounting problems that require you to be continually inputting data in accounting spreadsheets. You can use the app and upload the required mileage data directly into accounting software. By doing so, your employees can be quickly reimbursed. You can also have the ability to use the app to directly upload small expenses such as parking receipts and so forth.

Helps Create IRS Compliant Reports

Applications such as mileage tracker by everlance help you create IRS compliant reports. It is mandatory for all drivers to retain the receipt for businesses or expenses that go above $75 according to IRS regulations. When you have a mileage tracking app, you can easily take a picture of your receipts and have them uploaded for safekeeping in the cloud. Such applications with these capabilities can assist one to be exempted from many cases. Most companies dealing with local service delivery rely mostly on these mileage tracking applications to track business expenses, vehicle expenses, insurance, maintenance and much more.

Tracking Your Fleet Whereabouts

You can use a tracking app to determine the location of every vehicle in your fleet. Whether you have few trucks or a large fleet, this app can assist you to track them to their exact positions. The apps are designed to operate in real-time and help you understand the whereabouts of your drivers with ease. Additionally, the app can have social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter and Google maps to share their trips.

Time and Money Saver

Having a tracking app that can keep a record of repairs or maintenance of your fleet can help save more money by removing redundancy and confusions of required repairs. This way, you can be able to alleviate costly repairs that could as well have been prevented if scheduled maintenance could have been performed. Additionally, by comparing costs from details provided by the tracking app, you can save even more. Good apps can help you compare and contrast gas mileage and fuel costs for the entire fleet.


The Impact of Employee Recognition in Organizations

Many industries in the economy have designed some unique ways of appreciating their employees by acknowledging the work that they do. This is due to the understanding that the employees form an integral part of the organizations, without which they could never exist or even manage to run their activities. The employers have therefore introduced the recognition process whereby they reward the best performing employees according to the effort they put into the business, and also the results that they achieve from the efforts. The primary objective of this initiative is to keep the members of staff motivated, and hence they keep the focus on the achievement of the companies’ goals and objectives.

In many organizations, the process has been under the safe hands of the human resource department and its staff members, who are supposed to determine which employees qualify for the awards, based on merit. This has been quite effective until recently when there was observed some aspects of bias and malice among the human resource personnel. Sometimes, there could be some complaints of some employees who felt that the process of determining the people eligible for the awards was neither free nor fair. This led to an enormous challenge among the stakeholders to come up with a different strategy to carry out the same activity but with more caution. The human resource personnel was accused of awarding the people who impressed them but not those who made the most significant contributions to the growth and development of the organization.

As a solution to the challenge, the IT experts came up with an employee recognition software, which would be used to determine the members of staff who had significantly contributed to the well-being of the organizations. This would be decided using some predetermined criteria which the employees were expected to be aware of, as they set their annual targets. The employees who achieved the targets became eligible for the reward system. This strategy brought a lot of sanity in the employment sector since the employees would feel that they are rewarded according to merit. Whoever got the recognition, all the other members of staff appreciated because they never felt an iota of discrimination in the process.

One advantage that the software brought to the industry was fairness in the employee-rewarding system. The employees felt that they were equally valued and as a result, they felt motivated and their morale enhanced. This made them to focus more on the achievement of the goals and objectives of the company and eventually, they achieved them. One thing that the employers should understand is that the motivation of the employees is a significant determinant of the performance of the organization. This is common especially if the employees are dealing directly with the clients. In such instances, the customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the employee motivation. The more the employees get motivated, the more they provide quality services to the customers and hence more satisfaction. As a result, the organizations increase their sales volume and revenue. This is a strategy that every company ought to implement to ensure that they reap the most from their customers.

How to Effectively Manage the Environment Using System and Compliance Software

Our environment is perhaps among the most critical aspects of our lives. We all know that proper management of the environment makes it flourish and meet human needs without much strain. On the contrary, neglecting the environment and polluting it leads to Mother Nature’s wrath, such as massive flooding and other forms of natural atrocities. Such can completely bring life on earth to a standstill and affect daily human activities.

Therefore, you should make it your obligation to adopt effective measures that will ensure that the environment is well taken care of. Doing so will rid the ecosystem of any pollutants that may affect aspects such as the air we breathe, water towers and many more. The importance of adopting and sticking to a proper and sustainable environmental management system cannot be overlooked or downplayed.

How Does Environmental Management Software assist you in Staying in Conducive Surroundings?

The advent of technology has revolutionized many aspects of human lives. Not only has the impact of the tech industry been felt in the corporate sector but also in the environmental sector as well. For instance, tech gurus have developed software that allows you to ensure proper environmental management. Additionally, the software also enables you to keep abreast with government regulations, hence preventing you from brushing shoulders with law enforcers. The software used in managing the environment is applicable in a myriad of ways. As such, using the environment management software will play a vital role in ensuring that you coexist harmoniously with the ecosystem. You can use the software to perform the following tasks:

• Monitor your energy and carbon usage and their resultant impact on the environment.
• Reduce activities that impact negatively on the human habitat
• Enable you to comply with government laws and regulations

What are some of the Ways Through which the Software can Improve the Environment?

• Dealing properly with Air, Water, and Waste- the environment management software will play a vital role in enabling you and your firm meet the required state regulations. It will ensure that you do not go contrary to the existing laws as you go about your activities.

• Sustainability Metrics– many are the times when organizations exploit environmental resources beyond the acceptable levels. However, with this software, you will be able to measure, track and gather data that will assist you in adhering to the allowable resource consumption levels. Furthermore, the software also assists in the reduction of carbon emission and provides you with various ways of recycling.

• Audit Management- with this software, you will be able to authoritatively audit your activities and conduct fruitful inspections at half your usual time.

• Training Management- you will be able to manage your staff training in a time-efficient method. In fact, not only will you be able to improve employee training but also do so in compliance with the required regulations.

The Bottom Line

It is no doubt that the incorporation of technology in various aspects of business and daily operations have improved efficiency and general management. For instance, the introduction of environmental management software in the management of the ecosystem has provided both organizations and individuals with immense benefits. Such strides and conquests can go a long way into ensuring environmental sustainability and efficiency.

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