The Art of a Happy Customer

We have all heard that old saying “the customer is always right.” There are two sides to that saying: Customer service and Customer experience. Both equally important but totally different. For the remainder of this article, we will use CS for customer service and CE for the other. Cs are actions performed to help your client or customer for whatever reason. Defective product, finding the correct product, help using the product, etc. Ce combines customer service within the entire journey with a brand.

The Journey

There is a journey that a customer experiences from trying to find goods or services to paying for and enjoying said goods or service. Millions of dollars are spent on studying this journey. Google, Twitter, and Facebook have teams of people and countless software programs the collected data. Data from someone’s buying choices to internet browsing choices. Ever visited a website and get the message, this website uses cookies to improve viewer experience. Of course you have. Unless You have been on another planet for the last few years or are computer illiterate. Whether you care or not chances are you and your family members are being studied.

Strategies and Tactics for a Memorable CE

At the core of those strategies are the fundamentals. Let’s discuss a few. First and foremost, there should be a clear desired outcome for each customer. The reasoning is obvious, practice makes perfect. By having a good thought out plan for your customer prepares you for any hiccups. Plainly said, if you have a certain course of action, and the plan encounters a snag, customer service kicks in and once the problem is resolved the Ce can become salvaged and reach the desired outcome. Point? If the customer service is great during a snag, that will greatly enhance the overall experience.

Understanding your Customer Vs Emotional Connection

I have read that understanding your customer and creating an emotional connection are two different stages of creating the ultimate positive experience. Here’s one example. Each person has a different set of needs; emotional triggers, wants, beliefs, etc. It’s the belief of some that to truly know your customer more intimately, there should be an emotional connection created. It could be something small like girls giggling at a dress so short the guys will start howling, to something more serious like a similar story of a surgery someone is about to encounter. Think about this for a moment. When you look on television at your favorite commercial, surely you have seen someone discuss how great their product or service choice’s experience was. Very subtly the person hearing the great success story has gotten happier because the messenger is happy and a sense of relief happens because subconsciously one expects to receive the same experience and outcome.

In Conclusion

It is important to keep in mind these most important points. Number 1, customer feedback in the form of surveys or the such is key. The information gotten from the actual customer gives a strong indication on where to improve, what to continue and what to stop altogether. If you have a business and are just starting out, don’t be afraid of trial and error. Study your competition. Somethings are just obvious. Especially within certain industries or niches. Always remember CS and CE go together. Though totally different almost always equally important.

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