Robotic Solutions According to Industry

Industries experience some similar issues such as quality production and reduction of delivery time. Other similar issues may include labor and driving up profit margins. However, depending on the type of industry, some issues are industry-specific.

Competition is rife as many industries providing similar services spring up every other month. One way to stay on top of the competition or at least have a fighting chance is to ensure that you have the right equipment to produce quality products fast. Industrial robots are the obvious solution to these needs.

One therefore finds that almost every industry has embraced manufacturing robots to perform particular or even similar functions in their manufacturing plants and companies. Manufacturing robots have brought benefits such as:

  • Lowering costs
  • Improving the quality of products and services
  • Increasing capacity and productivity
  • Combining process steps for faster output
  • Improving profit margins due to fast ROI

The Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process begins with receiving the raw material to shipping the finished product to the end user. Different industries will require robotic solutions for different processes in their manufacturing needs.

The following is a list of different industries and their unique manufacturing processes that may require robotic solutions.

Applications for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is probably the biggest buyer of manufacturing robots which are needed for the following applications:

  • Motor vehicle assembly
  • Arc welding
  • Machine removal and tending
  • Painting and coating
  • Transfer of parts
  • Spot welding

Aerospace and Defense Applications

This is a rather critical industry and the robotic solutions must meet the high standards and requirements of therein. Applications include:

  • Machine and parts assembly
  • Arc welding
  • Machine removal and tending
  • Part inspection
  • Painting

Composite Manufacturing

Composite manufacturing involves the following applications:

  • Forming and processing
  • Material Removal
  • Drilling
  • Painting and finishing

Foundry and Die Casting

This one involves cooling and pouring which calls for temperature control as well as material removal solutions that are flexible in order to produce a high volume of quality parts. Applications include:

  • Material removal and handling
  • Transfer of parts
  • Machine Tending

The Health Industry

This is another crucial industry where error is not acceptable. Complex medical equipment for complex surgical procedures is required. Robotic applications include:

  • Machine assembly
  • Picking and packing
  • Sticker labeling
  • Marking small parts with lasers
  • Inspection of parts
  • Spray systems
  • Handling small parts


It is vitally important to prevent errors here. In addition, the environment must be kept very sanitary to prevent possible contamination. The robots deployed in this sector are used mainly in laboratory and research facilities.  They are meant to carry out their tasks with speed, consistency, precision and without error. Applications include:

  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Kitting
  • Assembly
  • Transfer of parts

Sealing and Dispensing

Dispensing robots are required here for their ability to handle adhesive and sealant processes fast and with precision. Grasping and positioning of tiny components are done by assembly robots. They are better equipped for precision and speed. Applications include:

  • Assembly of components
  • Transfer of parts
  • Picking
  • Sorting
  • Repetitive operations

Most of the time the manufacturer knows exactly what they need and for what processes. However, the implementation may turn out to be a little complicated. This is because they may be concerned about funds or they do not have the technical knowledge needed for automated operations.

This is where experts such as Universal Robots come in to not only implement but also train the manpower that will be operating the robots.


Competition in the different industries is high and staying ahead of your competitors will depend on how effective your downtime and product quality are. Robotic solutions are a tried and tested way that has a high Return on Investment and that has the potential to drive your profit margin to the highest peak yet.

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